Float Music

What is Float Music?

Float Music is a body of musical works specifically engineered for the Dreampod Float tanks. This project is now in 20+ centers across NZ, Australia, and the USA, and returning customers have been asking for copies also in their home meditation/yoga practices.

This music is perfectly calibrated for the Dreampod environment and optimised for listening with ears submerged in the tanks and has been tested extensively for the Dreampod V2 and Dreampod Max. Also, we have tested these recordings with foam, wax, and without earplugs to simulate every customer experience.

The “Float Music Package” offered include mp3s for bigger/smaller tanks, a pre-made menu, and an installation manual to decrease the barriers of engagement for clients, staff, and operators.

What is Float Music?

Michael Sutherland is a musician, producer, and recording engineer with a Commercial Music Degree from Massey University NZ. He has a wealth of experience recording large Jazz & Orchestral ensembles and a portfolio recording bands/artists from New Zealand. However, Michael’s greatest interest comes from the archetypal role of music outside of commercial avenues and how it has always been used to induce change on an individual, spiritual, and societal basis.

Michael’s Website: https://www.sutherlandsounds.com/
Production portfolio: https://www.sutherlandsounds.com/production
Mini-Documentary: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MWHcEnnm_lA&t=2s

Business Guide

For more information on how to use Float Music package properly, please be sure to download the “business guide“.

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