Sound Elixir

What are Sound Elixirs?

Sound has been used in ceremonies, rituals, and as a tool for healing in a variety of cultures throughout the world for thousands of years. Sound healing is the practice of using the vibrations of voice and instruments to change the state of mind and release tension from the body. It works through the phenomenon called entrainment. Entrainment is the process by which brainwaves are influenced by external stimuli, in this case, sound. When used correctly, sound can help shift the brain into the meditative states of alpha and theta brainwaves – similar to floating. When combined, floating and sound deliver an enhanced float experience.

These Sound Elixirs are custom sound healing tracks created specifically for floating by Julie Fisher, an intuitive Sound Practitioner. Each track is intuitively created and designed to help the client not only relax, but transition into a different state of being. Julie utilises crystal singing bowls and her voice during the creation process. These tracks are called Sound Elixirs because they are live recordings and work with each individual listener to enhance and deepen their experience. The benefits increase overtime with repeated listens, similar to floating.

These Sound Elixirs are created specifically for Dreampod and ideally should be used while floating. However, you can utilise them as another offering to help clients decompress from the stress of everyday life even before getting into the pod.

Feel free to download the sample tracks we have to offer. These “freebies” will give you a taste of what the full tracks can do. Pay special attention to the track for “Meditation”. It’s one of our favourites. The “freebies” are also easily used as a pre-float slow down for your clients.

Floating with Sound Elixirs is a perfect combination that creates an ideal environment for deeper relaxation, meditation, and healing experiences.

What are Sound Elixirs?

Julie Fisher grew up in a small town in Delaware, USA. She discovered her innate gift for sound during college and would later explore her gifts after opening her own private therapeutic massage practice in New York City. However, it wasn’t until she moved to Hawaii and received specialized training with established sound healers that she really embraced her talents. She began offering group sound meditations where she developed her gifts for intuitive sound. After moving back to Delaware she teamed up with a local float center and began exploring the combination of intuitive sound and floating. This gave birth to the creation of Sound Elixirs for floating. Julie is an avid floater and is excited and grateful to be sharing her gifts with other floaters around the world.

Learn more about Juile at – https://www.giftedalchemy.com/

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