Floating and its impact on the brain

Check out this relatively short movie made by "CBS This Morning" that goes into floating and its impact on the brain. Coming in at just […]

The Float Conference

Every year people come together to celebrate the wonderful world of water and salt at the float conference. People from around the world gather to […]

House Floating

As floating grows in popularity and new float centers continue to pop up everywhere, more and more people are wanting to bring the experience home. […]

Hawaii, that’s right, Hawaii

I've been installing Dreampods for over a year now. Lots of tanks, lots of places, and lots of interesting people. I've been all over the […]

8 Dreampods, 4 States, over 7,000 miles

I’m sitting at my kitchen table writing this. I’m home for a bit and enjoying the down time. It’s been awhile since I’ve written about […]

Canada is in My Blood

I've been north of the border four times now. From British Columbia to Ontario, and a couple provinces in between. When I started installing tanks […]

Awesome shipping options for U.S clients!

Dream Water Float Co. and DreamPod USA Have been working hard to create the complete customer experience from the manufacture to your up and running […]

First Float…in Canada

2017 has already been a busy year. Dreampod continues to grow and expand right along with the float industry. This is a good thing. More […]

The first Dreampod in Florida…Ever

If you follow this blog at all you know the last Dreampod I installed was in British Columbia. Needless to say, I was cold. So, […]

Canada’s cold, in case you were wondering.

I usually start in the beginning and work my way chronologically through the trip. It’s a good way to write. It seems to be working […]

They are coming

They're coming! The elves at the DreamLab have been busy over the holidays adding the final touches to the first DreamScape Elements. This first batch […]

Noisy Water

This trip provided a few more firsts for me. A brief layover in Phoenix was the first of the firsts. I’ve never been to the […]